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You died.

Good news is, you went to heaven, but on your way up there, God figured you might as well deliver these 100 pizzas to him.  What a great honor! We know you will be extra careful with these pizzas.

WASD to Drive

LMB + Mouse movement to move the camera around

Mouse scroll to zoom in and out

Music produced by jeffbuchanan https://www.jeffbuchananmusic.com/portfolio

Gameplay Preview: https://streamable.com/w3ms5


HolyPizza.zip 26 MB


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This was fun! I couldn't stop laughing when you hit a pothole too fast and the pizzas went flying EVERYWHERE. Also those are some heavy pizzas...

Anyways after probably a dozen attempts I actually did it! 

Also props to you for doing some procedural generation.

Haha that is amazing! Very few have been able to make it with more than 90 pizzas, congratulations sir you may now enter the heavens, maybe even become pizza God.

I didn't made it to the goal but it give me a few minutes of a pure fun! It reminds me a physics game like brawlers and stuf, there you are laughting on "how did this could happed, god dammit!" Thank you for web-version!

Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) I hope the web version wasn't too glitchy, usually happens when so many physics simulations going on

Holy Pizza that was crazy! Was quite fun but really struggled with the potholes. I liked that the cart was like a massive weight which would sway you in different direction. I wasn't able to finish it :(

Thank you for your feedback :) I'm glad you enjoyed it, and sorry for the difficulty level, I wanted to implement a dynamic level of difficulty that grows with time, but was running out of time myself ha. I definitely will have it as an addition to the next build

Got pretty far on one attempt, but managed to dump the whole truck off the side of the road. Fun game, really liked the roads/car model and the random generation.

I feel like you're just a bit too slow going up the ramps, and sometimes it gives you potholes on the ramps. I think the back cart might be just a tad too heavy. I know there's 100 pizzas in there, but I felt like the cart was pulling my car back quite a lot on those ramps.

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Haha, yes I had some difficulties tuning the ramp and the car, physics can be a bit of a headache sometimes but I will definitely work on the fine tuning of the car and roads for next time :) Thank you for the feedback and sorry you lost all your pizzas!